We have just received notice from the MoD that extensive Ash Die-Back disease has been detected in Covenanters Wood, which will result in the necessary felling of about 150 trees! This is likely to be taking place over the next few weeks, so please take notice of warning posters and be prepared for some of the woodland paths to be closed for safety reasons.

Update 01-Aug-2020
Scottish Water intend to start their works in Colinton Dell from late July. They have received planning consent for their use of ground in the former Colinton Station area for their works compound. Works were planned to have started ealier, but were suspended at the end of March due to Covid-19.

Covid-19 updatehttps://www.pentlandhills.org/news/article/6/covid-19-measures

The Pentland Hills Regional Park keep us up to date via their website. The most recent edition of their informative online magazine can be found via their homepage:http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/pentlandhills/

Each year Colinton Amenity Association is involved in the clean-up of the Water of Leith Walkway from the Bypass Bridge down to Katesmill Bridge. The clean-up is normally on a Sunday in April and takes up to two hours with a team of local volunteers. This annual event is part of the Water of Leith Trust's clean-up of the river environment from Balerno down to Leith.

Colinton Amenity Association runs similar clean-ups of Redford Woods and Covenanters Wood. These also run for up to two hours on a Sunday, normally in April. The local Scouts do most of the Covenanters Wood clean-up. Local volunteers do the Redford Woods clean-up.

For all of these clean-ups, the Association advertises locally asking for volunteers to come forward. These events are also advertised on this website when they are coming up. The time and effort given by of all of the volunteers is greatly appreciated.

For a clean and tidy Colinton, we have to make the effort ourselves.

logo-greenflagSpylaw Park is one of 30 public parks in the Lothians to receive the Green Flag award this year. This follows a concerted programme of improvements to the Park over the last two years in which CAA has been in partnership with the City of Edinburgh's Parks Department (who provided most of the funding and implemented many of the improvements to the park area) and with Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust (who secured additional funding and managed the improvements to the woodlands and to the main access route). CAA also contributed financially, with the funding of new signposts. This is the first time that Spylaw Park has received this award: the Green Flag award is a national standard of excellence for parks and greenspaces throughout the United Kingdom