Each year Colinton Amenity Association is involved in the clean-up of the Water of Leith Walkway from the Bypass Bridge down to Katesmill Bridge. The clean-up is normally on a Sunday in April and takes up to two hours with a team of local volunteers. This annual event is part of the Water of Leith Trust's clean-up of the river environment from Balerno down to Leith.

Colinton Amenity Association runs similar clean-ups of Redford Woods and Covenanters Wood. These also run for up to two hours on a Sunday, normally in April. The local Scouts do most of the Covenanters Wood clean-up. Local volunteers do the Redford Woods clean-up.

For all of these clean-ups, the Association advertises locally asking for volunteers to come forward. These events are also advertised on this website when they are coming up. The time and effort given by of all of the volunteers is greatly appreciated.

For a clean and tidy Colinton, we have to make the effort ourselves.